Spring is the best time to start planning a pre-season AC tune-up in Dallas. Preventive maintenance has many advantages. With regular and proper care, HVAC equipment works more efficiently and makes your home more comfortable. This small investment can help your heating and cooling system last longer and avoid expensive repairs when the HVAC company is at its busiest.

Signs It’s Time for an AC Tune-Up

To help keep your AC and other moving parts running smoothly, it is good practice that you arrange at least one annual tune-up. It is best to perform clean and check service every spring before the cooling season comes. If you spend more time than usual between annual tune-ups, your AC system may show signs to call AC experts for an air conditioning tune-up in Dallas.

  • An Increase in Electricity bill
  • The airflow of the cooling vents is lower than normal
  • Indoor temperature is higher than normal
  • The AC is running continuously, or frequently turning on and off
  • Indoor humidity is higher than normal

If you encounter any of the above problems, make sure to schedule an AC tune-up in Dallas.

Why is AC Tune-Up Necessary?

The AC system needs regular maintenance to perform its best function. Energy Star recommends that homeowners should tune their heating and air conditioning systems once a year. Spring is an ideal time for Air conditioning tune-ups. A professional AC tune-up in Dallas will test every part of your system to ensure it is working perfectly and ready for the hottest summer.

Here are the steps that an AC tune-up includes:

  • Check electrical connections

Loose or damaged cables between the thermostat, outdoor unit, and power supply can affect performance or cause the system to shut down when it is needed the most. So, make sure to hire the best AC tune-up in Dallas to ensure the proper performance of your HVAC equipment.

  • Lubricate and maintain all moving parts

Applying a small quantity of oil on the required part reduces the friction. It reduces productivity, increases energy costs, and causes premature wear of components.

  • Cleaning the condenser and evaporator coil

    Pollen, dirt, and other debris can affect the system’s ability to cool your home effectively. Blocked or clogged coils also increase system uptime and increase energy costs.
  • Cleaning the Condensation Drain

The components of the cleaning system are vital to improve efficiency and overall performance. A clogged or partially blocked condensate drain can cause damaging moisture to build up in your home.

  • Clean and adjust the blowers

Improper airflow increases electricity bills and creates uncomfortable hot and cold spots in your home. As per Energy Star, correcting and fixing blower problems can increase efficiency by up to 15%.

  • Check and recharge the refrigerant

The low refrigerant level makes it difficult to operate a heat pump or air conditioning system. Over and undercharged AC systems are inefficient and more prone to fail prematurely.

To ensure that your AC system is working efficiently, call Thermal Services DFW immediately at
(817) 993-0313 and plan your AC tune-up in Dallas before the season.